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Nowadays, it provides customers around the world with integrated solutions and offers a unique suite of products and services – from consumer uses to industry. Our marketing & trading units are importing products for several years. It has started it’s journey successfully. In the meantime, VMTC has got the authorized dealership  of ‘Fiori Group’ & ‘Kappa Machineries’.

It is also offering machines from company like Jhonston UK, AUSA Spain, Leyland Deere India, Sandvik etc. It has a professional marketing team and an anonymous service team who are successful to draw this company’s future.

This company started as the mother company to do the marketing business of modern construction equipment. As a first venture management had Established the relationship with world largest concrete equipment manufacturing company SCHWING STETTER, India Pvt Ltd.After 8 years of active presence, SCHWING concrete equipment occupied a mentionable share of concrete equipment in Bangladesh construction Industry.

As a second venture, the management Established the relationship with Soilmec Foundation Equipment Ind. Pvt Ltd. for the deep foundation by piling Rig in the year 2012, after 6 years, Soilmec is enjoying 45% of market share with the customer’s satisfaction and confidence. Concrete Technology is still a reputed organization and brand with its own pride.